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Marketo Certified Revenue Cycle Analyst


Today, I received my 2nd Marketo Certification out of 10 Marketing Automation certifications ranging from Eloqua, Marketo to HubSpot.


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Eloqua Chrome Bug Work-Around


How to Turn Firefox into a Dedicated Eloqua App

Recently, I bought a Dell Latitude 7350 2-in-1 laptop to replace my dying relic. Upon loading the latest of all software, I noticed that Eloqua no longer worked in Chrome. I could use my mouse to hover all of the mouseover DIV overlays for navigation; however, I couldn’t click on anything within the Eloqua screen.


I was on the verge of pulling my hair out. I thought it was a conflict with the new touchscreen because I had the latest version on my previous laptop–so I believed. It turns out I didn’t as an Oracle representative got back to me and said that only Chrome v48 is supported and I was running Chrome v50 on the new computer. Oracle suggested I downgrade; however, I didn’t want to do this and I do like that Eloqua runs smoother in Firefox, as I was getting error messages in the Integration areas that forced me to use Firefox to get around that even before on my old PC. I had gotten accustom to using Firefox again exclusively for Eloqua, but I still used Chrome for all other web browsing.

Switching between browsers wasn’t very fluid, so I added in a few pieces of software to improve upon my user experience by making all of this automatic. How very automation of me.

*The solution below can be used for other browser combinations. I chose Firefox because of stability.


I have been using Browsium Catalyst to handle my browser management, which allows me to have Firefox enabled as my “dedicated” Eloqua app. (Google Legacy Browser Support accomplishes the same thing; however, I found the latter to be more difficult to setup). I have configured it to always open a * URL in Firefox. As it switches to Firefox, it will close the Chrome tab that triggered the browser open. From there, I have Browsium Catalyst configured to also take any web browsing in Firefox that is not * and send the new URL back to Chrome to keep it as my default browser for web navigation.

To keep the interface very lean, I removed all bookmarks and tool bars from Firefox and changed the Homepage to automatically load the Eloqua login screen in case I opened Firefox from the desktop shortcut.

I also downloaded the Firefox Add-On, “Multifox” to enable the ability to have multiple Eloqua customer instances open at the same time. This is great for us Eloqua consultants, but also useful for Eloqua customers that have a Production and a Sandbox instance. Multifox will allow your employees to use both databases at the same time.

For the cherry on top, I customized my own Firefox Theme to look Oracle-red and I used “Resource Hacker” to change the Firefox icon to the Oracle “O” logo because I found myself instinctively switching between Chrome and Firefox because I had used Firefox for so many years before Chrome. Changing the shortcut icon actually went beyond a novelty change because it stopped me from getting confused and reinforced that Firefox was my new default Eloqua app.

I love the new look and feel of simulating an Eloqua dedicated app from a taskbar shortcut icon and in case you are wondering, I love my new Dell.

screenshot1 screenshot2 screenshot3

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4x HubSpot Certified!


Nick gains 4th HubSpot certification: HubSpot Certified, Inbound Marketing Certified, Inbound Sales Certified and Email Marketing Certified

hubspot_certified HubSpot_platform_certified

HubSpot’s Software Certification requires an active HubSpot customer instance, passing the written exam that tests the comprehension of the software and passing the practicum exam by demonstrating 10 of 15 live example requirements to assess your ability to apply knowledge and achieve results with the software. This is their more difficult certification that they offer.

HubSpot Inbound Certified HubSpot Inbound Certified

HubSpot’s Inbound Certification includes 12 classes that span the 4 stages of the Inbound Methodology. From optimizing your website, to landing page anatomy, to honing your inbound marketing & sales skills

hubspot_inbound_sales_certified hubspot_inbound_sales_certification

HubSpot’s Inbound Sales Certification includes five classes that introduce you to the Inbound Sales Methodology. From identifying potential buyers, to developing outreach strategies, to building personalized presentations, this free certification covers the basics of what inbound sales is all about.

6e945bf7b007462aa43ad0b6b1ea280d HubSpot_Email-Marketing-Certified

The HubSpot Email Marketing Certification includes 9 classes discusses using email marketing as a sustainable channel to close leads and delight customers. This course covers how lifecycle marketing, segmentation, email design, deliverability, analytics and optimization come together to create an email marketing strategy that grows your business.

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Marketo Certified Expert


Today, Nick joined an elite group of marketing professionals with the Marketo University issued Marketo Certified Expert designation, a proctored certification rigorously developed, professionally administered and recognized globally.


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Meet our CEO at Oracle Modern Marketing Experience


Nick McGirr, CEO

Meet our CEO, Nick McGirr, at Oracle Modern Marketing Experience 2016 North America in Las Vegas, Nevada April 26-28th!

Schedule a meeting in Las Vegas!

Register for Oracle Modern Marketing Experience 2016


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Call (657) 888-2CRM

LEAD2CRM is a full-service Marketing Automation Agency to support Demand Generation for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) databases.

Our services include Vendor Selection Representation, Consulting and Contracting for Marketing Automation Platforms (MAP).


We provide expert consulting services that establish best practices and principles to support business decisions for your demand generation efforts within your Marketing Automation platform and CRM's like

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LEAD2CRM's custom programming service develops improved marketing automation by utilizing Lead Scoring, Lead Nurturing, and Data Cleansing Programs along with detailed API integration Work--just to name a few.

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Does your company have a talent pool gap? Allow LEAD2CRM to staff your marketing automation team with expert contractors for on-site and remote positions. Eloqua Staffing


LEAD2CRM offers Agency Representation, free of charge, for clients researching the best-fitting Marketing Automation software platform to compliment their existing sales database and improve productivity and return on investment.

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