CEO & Principal Marketing Automation Consultant

Nick McGirr, CEO

Nick McGirr

Chief Executive Officer
20x Marketing Automation Certified
Principal Oracle Eloqua Consultant

Nick started his professional career in Rockledge, Florida as a freelance Web Developer and Graphics Designer in 1996 at the age of 14. A year later, he started his first company, an e-magazine, which was acquired in 2001 shortly after turning 19 years-old. His next business venture was a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company that was sold at auction in 2003 prior to it's public launch date. Over the years, Nick has worked for several large corporations as a Web Developer, Google-certified AdWords Professional for Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimizer (SEO), Affiliate Marketer, Database Administrator (DBA) and Internet Marketing Director. In 2008, Nick was flown to Cambridge, Massachusetts for hands-on training from Eloqua Corporation, the pioneer in the newly emerging Marketing Automation industry. He became among the first and very few Eloqua-Certified Demand Generation Professionals courtesy of Eloqua's Professional Certification Program. Until 2010, Nick served as the sole technical-owner and database administrator of Eloqua and for an open source business intelligence (BI) start-up.

By 2010, Nick was a well-respected and recognized expert in the Marketing Automation community. His expertise was in great need due to lack of seasoned professionals to support the platforms at an advanced level. Large corporations were recognizing that marketing automation systems were required to efficiently supply sales databases with marketing-qualified leads (MQL)--allowing them to stay competitive; however, these businesses needed unbiased support to decide which vendor was right for their need and budget. Nick founded the marketing automation consultancy, LEAD2CRM, and began offering free Client Representation to satisfy these two concerns. LEAD2CRM provided best in class marketing strategy consulting and program development services within their selected Marketing Automation vendor. Since then, some of the largest S&P 500, Fortune 1000 corporations and even small-to-medium businesses (SMB) have called LEAD2CRM's client list "home."

In 2011, Nick continued his dedication to Sales Force Automation (SFA) by attending's Advanced Administrator 301 training course. The rare combination of high-level Oracle Eloqua and CRM expertise make his skill set even more unique and desirable to companies seeking a proven expert in Marketing and Sales Automation. Nick's work greatly contributed to an Eloqua Markies Award trophy win for a LEAD2CRM client at the Eloqua Experience 2012 conference.

When Oracle restarted their certified education programs in the beginning of 2013, Nick completed his Revenue Performance Management (RPM) Master Certification through the Oracle Eloqua University education program and in 2014, received his Oracle Eloqua University Eloqua v10 Master Certification, as well. Nick was the second person ever to achieve Oracle Eloqua's newest, highest and most difficult to obtain customer-centric degree: the acclaimed Oracle Eloqua Modern Marketing Luminary Certification, in 2014. A year later in 2015, Nick received his most challenging Oracle certificates, the Oracle Eloqua & Oracle Content Marketing Cloud Service 2013 Implementation Consultant Certification and again in 2017 he received the Oracle Content Marketing Cloud Service 2017 Implementation Consultant Certification, both of which are typically limited to Oracle Partners, Consultants and Employees as offered exclusively through the Oracle Partner Network (OPN).

Since then, Nick now has a total of 20 Marketing Automation Certifications across 6 tools making him the most decorated marketing automation consultant in the industry and incredibly versatile in automation practices.

He may be the CEO, but he is also the Principal Marketing Automation Consultant of LEAD2CRM. Nick works for LEAD2CRM's existing clients by representing and protecting their interests, consulting their future endeavors and developing programs to reach their goals.